Most of the youth in Ghana are jobless because of their character – Diana Asamoah

Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, has shared her perspective on the alarming rate of youth unemployment in the country. She believes that it is primarily the character and behavior of the youth that has deprived them of employment opportunities.

According to Asamoah, Ghana offers a plethora of job opportunities that could be seized by its youth, but due to their demeanor and certain actions, they find themselves overlooked by potential employers. She pointed out that recent incidents where individuals have exhibited unethical conduct after receiving help have discouraged others from offering assistance.

In an interview with Kingdom FM, Diana Asamoah asserted, “When I hear people complaining that there is no job, almost 90% of them [youth] have jobs they can do but because of their character, they can’t. I will say it again that most Ghanaians are unemployed because of their character. This is a fact.”

She emphasized that the notion of widespread hardship in Ghana is not accurate and suggested that many individuals should not find it difficult to secure employment. Asamoah highlighted the importance of character, honesty, and good work ethics in retaining jobs.

She shared a cautionary tale of a young man named John, who was provided with help but later committed a heinous crime. Such incidents, according to Asamoah, have made people hesitant to assist others.

The issue of youth unemployment remains a pressing concern, and it is yet to be seen what measures the government will implement to address this challenge in the future.